Take a Tour of Cottingley

More than 100 years ago, Cottingley housed migrant workers that tended the 150-acre property. Today, this 880 sq ft open-concept guesthouse is a fully finished living, work and studio space.

There are four designated living spaces on the main floor: a studio space, a living space, a full kitchenette, and bedroom. The glamor bath is awash in color and features a large jetted tub. The client space for my Jungian practice sits just in front of the sliding glass doors that lead to the wrap-around deck.

The studio space continues to the lower level. Here you find the ceramics kilns, two pottery wheels, glass cutters and grinders, a 5x8ft work table, laser cutter, 3d printer, heat press, polymer oven, and ample studio storage. 

Cottingley’s style is colorful, fun, and quirky. Glam portraits of Renaissance women direct their gaze with an unapologetic confidence, golden monkey and ram lamps offer a joyfully irreverent eveningtide glow, and the kitchen flaunts a rainbow of decorative sweet treats.

A richly dark tea in a colorful tea cup sits artfully on the checkerboard lazy Susan with bright decorative items surrounding it

Cottingley is a multifunctional space. It is part guesthouse, part home office, part art space. Group Programs and Client Sessions are hosted here. Lazy afternoons are wasted while laying on the velvet pink futon.

Built-in bookcases painted in a deep smoky blue flank the walls. The queen size Murphy bed is tucked among them. Quirky ornaments intermingle with books on dreams, creativity, astrology and tarot, Jungian psychology and fairy tales. The walls are painted in a dusty abalone shell. The ceilings are vaulted and tiny damask rabbits dance within the wallpaper in its peaks.

The kitchen features everything one might need for an overnight stay: a convention oven, retro-inspired full size refrigerator, a gold-hued prep sink, a laundry machine and dishwasher both perfect for single use. Guest prepare meals on the induction cooktop and brew their most perfect morning cuppa from the coffee bar. 

Cabinets, closets and cupboards store therapeutic aids, scented linens, crisp creased fabrics, yarn skeins. The builtin fireplace, adorned with peach moth wallpaper, keeps guests warm on chilly North Coast nights. It parallels the plush sofa piled with colorful pillows. 

And yet….

Cottingley is still taking form. Curtain panels need sewn. Vintage parlor chairs require new upholstery. The Lower Studio could use some feathering. The large hand-built Craft Cupboard on the main level has repeatedly begged for a coat of paint in the softest of lavender blue.

That form will be shared.


In its own time.

Won’t you join me?